Monday, August 12, 2013

Treading Water

Hello readers I am still here and will continue to post on this wonderful blog. I have been absent due to some medical issues and set backs in my search for a fix to my chronic back pain.

 I feel like I am just treading water, not really moving anywhere at all. My days are filled with ever increasing pain and a lack of care provided by my doctors. I don't want surgery, but it seems that's were I'm headed. I am limited in what my insurance will cover and approve. And now I am not a person in pain but a medical chart / number that is being passed around as each doctor runs out of options.

So I just pray for healing and a solution to this wonderful mess that is my life right now and look to the future.

I hope to be back at my projects and tutorials soon and hope that you will all hang in there with me and continue to read!