Monday, July 1, 2013

Easy and Chic Flour Sack Hand Towels

Super Easy and Chic Flour Sack Hand Towels
I can never have enough hand towels whether it be for the kitchen or the bathroom. And I think that they should look great! I just found some flour sack towels at Walmart and I really like them because they are so cheap and I can dress them up any way I want to.

The best thing is that you can really do anything to these towels - dye them, paint them, stencil, screen print, iron on transfer, add embellishments buttons or ribbons, or cut and sew them into something else. The possibilities are endless REALLY!

Here is what I did using iron on transfer paper -

1. I took each towel (they come in a package of 5 at Walmart). I folded them in half and sewed the edges together so they became two-ply and closer to the size of a kitchen or bath hand towel. (this is completely optional)

2. I then went online and found some free printable graphics (graphics fairy is a great site to check out). At this point its up to you what you want the end product to look like, but I changed the color and altered the images a little in paint shop.

3. Once you have the images that you want - make sure to do a mirror image or t-shirt image and print them out on your transfer paper (there are two kinds of transfer paper one for inkjet printers and one for lazer printers make sure you get the right kind).

4. Cut out each image (you can leave a little around the edges or use an xacto knife).

5. Arrange the images the way that you like them with the printed side down and iron on.

The image on the left is ironed on, the image on the right is the printed image on the transfer paper

I hope this has inspired you to run out and get crafty with some flour sack towels.
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