Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blogs - What do you read?

Blogs - Why do you read?

In an attempt to stay current, gain more readers, and also keep yall excited please answer the following. These apply to all the blogs you follow including mine.

Why do you read?

Do you like a more written post or picture filled post?

Are you a fan of posts that are personal stories? Tutorials? Recipes?

Do you enjoy reading long posts or short ones?

Kids related crafts and activities or things more for yourself?

Informational? Relating to the world of crafting, diy, flea marketing, etc.

I want to get my new blog calendar together so that I can get writing and create posts that I enjoy and that everyone wants to read. Without your help I can only post what I THINK you will like, shoot me a comment or message so I can write posts made just for YOU!!!!