Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simple Patriotic Wreath

I have found that I am more successful with seasonal decorating when my projects are more simple. I found some cute cupcake papers at JoAnn Fabric. I had plans to make a wreath fully covered in the papers, but that was just unrealistic with the time that I had (at least I'm honest).
This tutorial can be adapted by adding as many cupcake papers as you like and by changing the wreath from a grapevine to a foam base.
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Wire cutters
Cupcake Papers -  I used the regular size and the candy cup size
Jute / ribbon
Wreath - foam, grapevine, cardboard anything will work
I started by cutting down some of the regular sized papers so when I layered them you could see all three colors - red, white, blue.
Next I cut 3 inch lengths of wire (you will need I length for each flower)
I made a small loop at one end and slide on a bead

Take each wire with the bead and poke it through the center of your layered cupcake papers (you can put as many layers together as you like I did three - 1 red, 1 blue, and 1 white. I alternated the colors on each flower, but that's optional.

After you have all your flowers made then you need to decide how you want to place them. I did a grouping of three regular size for the bottom of my wreath and three small for the top.

To attach the flowers on a grapevine wreath simply feed the wire through the grapevines and secure it in the back by wrapping the wire around the vine.

To finish off the wreath add a jute hanger and a ribbon bow. (I hung my wreath from a vintage hanger and slid a flag behind the wreath just to dress it up.)